Pete Rose To Manage Baseball Team

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The Bridgeport Bluefish, a Connecticut-based team in the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, has announced that Pete Rose will be a "guest manager" for the team on Monday, June 16th.

In the press conference announcing the stunt—during which Rose made a brief statement via telephone—Bridgeport said the team and league were designed as a place for second chances. Major Leaguers Edgardo Alfonso, Jose Offerman, Willy Mo Pena, and several others have played for the Bluefish at one point or another. If those names hadn't brought Bridgeport to your attention, this one surely will. The Atlantic League is also home to the Long Island Ducks and Sugar Land Skeeters, where several other former Major Leaguers (and other athletes) have played.


In getting his second chance, Rose will replace Willie Upshaw—the Giants first base coach when Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's record—as Bluefish manager for the day. The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, if you were wondering, is not affiliated with Major League Baseball.

Photo Credit: Getty Images