Here's a sleek-looking chart of Peyton Manning's 510 career touchdowns, put together by data artist Max Einstein at You'll want to expand the image or view the full-sized version on his site—it has every TD pass listed chronologically, displayed by distance, and includes clusters for each receiver who caught five or more scores.

(Einstein has also done this visualization for Brett Favre's career.)

This is good Peyton Manning visualization! For bad Peyton Manning visualization, look no further than NBC's Vine, which purports to contain photos of all of Manning's career touchdowns. Unfortunately, at six seconds, Vines are limited to 180 frames. SBNation has exposed NBC's for the fraud it is.


Back to the good. The NFL's colorful little graphic of all the receivers who've caught touchdowns from Manning through his record-setting 509th. It's sort of ridiculous how many Broncos are so high already—especially since, given the fears over Manning's recovery from neck surgery, everything from 2012 has been playing with house money.