Roy Jones Jr. has allegedly been sending dick pics to a female boxer named Stacy Reile. He appears to have done something to make Reile angry, because she spent the last few days slagging him on her Instagram page, and now nude photos of Roy Jones Jr. have leaked onto the internet.

But what we're really here to discuss is how strangely delightful it is that Roy Jones Jr. chose to snap his dick pics while striking the standard pose of boxers mugging at a weigh-in. I mean, look at this guy (dick below, NSFW):

It's fun to imagine the conversation Jones Jr. had with himself before taking this photo. "Hmmm, how am I supposed to stand when doing a dick pic? What should I do with my hands? Oh! I got it! I'll do the flexing thing. I am a boxer, after all."


From now on, all men who send dick pics should be required to do so while striking a pose that relates to their profession. Are you a dentist? Hold up that big novelty-sized tooth while you show your lady your dick! An accountant? Get that calculator out!

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