This is the worst bracket ever filled out. Which is to say it's an excellent bracket. Corey nailed 11 of the Sweet 16 teams, seven of the Elite Eight, three of the Final Four, and has a UConn-Kentucky championship game. Except Corey forgot to pick a winner. [Update: We talked to Corey.]

Corey currently sits tied for fourth in Yahoo's billion-dollar bracket challenge group. That billion is long gone, but the creators of the 20 highest-scoring brackets each receive $100,000. If Corey correctly picked the winner for tonight's tournament final, he'd be in the money. But Corey didn't correctly pick the winner, because he didn't pick any winner, and his bracket is long locked. There will be no money for Corey, because no matter who wins, he'll be leapfrogged by more than 20 people who did select a champion.

Corey's bracket is named "Corey's Champion Bracket."


Corey, wherever you are, you have our sympathies.

[Lost Lettermen]