Pornhub-Sponsored Soccer Team Threatened With Ban

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It started off as a prank. Then Pornhub caught wind, and everything went to shit.

The Rutherford Raiders, a soccer team made of players from various English universities and playing in the University of Kent's inter-college league, needed money for the upcoming season. To get money, they needed a sponsor. No companies bit. So as a gag, the team placed the logo of a porno site on their jerseys, and uploaded a photo to Facebook.

Despite having an unimpeachable product that sells itself, Pornhub has a massive public relations arm, and do a lot things strictly to get its name further out there. When the site found out about the photo, they decided to sponsor the Raiders for real. The University of Kent, however, was like, "nah," and told the team that if they keep their sponsor, they'll be banned from the inter-college league.

"The University of Kent sports department would never sanction sponsorship of this type – it is totally inappropriate," University spokesman Martin Herrema said in a statement. "The team has been spoken with and will not be allowed to wear the shirts in question at any time.

"We take this issue very seriously and inter-college sports teams, which are the responsibility of Kent Sport, must present any potential sponsorship and/or logos for approval."

One player, however, thinks university officials are just being old prudes, and hypocritical to boot. From student-run news site The Tab:

"We are struggling to see why they are having a problem. The university cricket team are sponsored by Kingfisher [beer] which is also a age restricted product. The university rugby team once had training shirts with '80 minutes, 15 positions, no protection, wanna ruck?"

"In my opinion the decision is made by people in Kent sport that are out of touch with what's socially acceptable.

"It's hard for football teams to find a sponsor. Both Kent sport and Rutherford refused to give us any money.

"Clearly PornHub did because there's was an opportunity to create a bit of attention. I personally haven't come across anyone yet that has found it anything other than funny."

This is the worst cockblock ever.

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