Paul the octopus is 5-0 in picking winners in Germany's matches, and the world has been waiting for his semifinal selection. Unfortunately, there's tomfoolery afoot.

This morning, photos began leaking of Paul "selecting" the delicious mussel in the Spanish flag-adorned box at his Berlin aquarium. Paul hasn't been wrong yet (and embarrassed an Argentinian dolphin in the process). So when the above photo surfaced, Spanish fans rejoiced, and German fans despaired.


But compare it with the only previous instance of Paul picking against Germany, when he chose Serbia during the group stage:

Yep. Some enterprising Spanish fans have taken to photoshop, and tried to put words in Paul's beak. Paul's not going to stand for this.

Oh, and where's the coat of arms, Spain?

Psychic Octopus Sparks Controversy After Reportedly Picking Spain to Beat Germany [NESN]


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