Quin Snyder Out; Replaced by Rocky IV Soundtrack

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Perhaps the most debonaire coach in NCAA history has been relieved of his duties. Quin Snyder is no longer the coach of the Missouri Tigers, leaving him free to do what he was probably much better suited to do all along: mack on any Missouri co-ed that he damn well pleases.

Check out these two columns on his firing. Read one, and you get the impression that Quin Snyder is the greatest coach to ever step on a sideline, but he was just a little but unlucky at Missouri. The other gives you the impression that Snyder's removal was the merciful end to a disastrous hire. I'll let you guess which one was written by Pat Forde, and which one was written by Dick Vitale. In other words, which one is based in reality, and which one is Happy Smiley Diaper Dandy Land.

Snyder's legacy, of course, will be this: His beautiful and emotional rendition of Survivor's hit, "Eye of the Tiger," performed in a stirring one-man show for the purpose of firing up his team before a game. Watching this actually boosts my self-esteem, because I'm pretty sure I'll never be that big of a tool.


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