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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

An Italian man won the Venice Marathon yesterday when the leaders of the race were accidentally directed the wrong way on the course.

Eyob Faniel, a talented 24-year-old runner but not a marathon elite, was about a minute behind the leaders when a motorcycle led them the wrong way 16 miles into the 26.2-mile race. He took advantage, winning the race in 2:12:16.

The AP reports Abdulahl Dawud, Gilbert Kipleting Chumba, Kipkemei Mutai, David Kiprono Metto, and two other runners were guided the wrong way for several hundred meters. They lost about two minutes, which was all Faniel needed to take the lead and win the race. An Italian hadn’t won the race in 22 years.


Mohammed Mussa finished second, while Tariq Bamaarouf took third. Chumba, one of the runners who was led off-course, took fourth.

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