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Random YouTube Finding Of The Week

Reminding everyone that if you can't find something entertaining on YouTube, you're just not trying, we present the play that cemented Manny Ramirez's status as "lovable" in our minds, rather than "troublesome."

You've probably seen the play before, but just to set it up for you again. Orioles at Fenway Park, leading 6-4, Pedro Martinez on the mound, David Newhan batting. Newhan hammers a fly ball to deep center, over the head of Johnny Damon, who tracks the ball down and fires it to the cutoff man.


Unfortunately, Manny picked the strangest time to decide to hustle, and he makes a diving, athletic, rather amazing play to inexplicably cut off the throw and ensure an inside-the-park home run for Newhan. Damon looks very confused (not that it's all that difficult), and Manny almost looks proud. It's one of the more bizarre, wacky plays we can remember. Outstanding dive, though.

Manny Being Manny [YouTube]

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