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Real Men Vibrate In Circles

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Since we're feeling rather nostalgic today, we should point out that Miggle Toys has just released its latest Super Bowl edition Electric Football game. Yes, that Electric Football, the board game with the plastic players which tend to vibrate in circles and are considered down as soon as a ball carrier is touched by a defender. Hey, exactly like the real Cleveland Browns! We were surprised to learn that Electric Football was invented in 1949 (did they have electricity then?) and still has a strong following; mostly among Baby Boomers.

The company sells pre-painted players from all 32 NFL teams and 23 college teams, including home and away jerseys. Or, you can paint your own. These days you can also buy sets with lighted stadiums, complete with magnetic cheerleaders, referees, coaches, owners, reporters and cameramen. We would also insist on a tiny, plastic Greg Gall to zip across the field, spin around a couple of times and steal the tiny felt ball. Only to end up in Lego Prison.


Lake Minnetonka Bathtub Playset sold seperately.

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