It goes without saying that we're fond of bizarre voicemails around here, but this one provided to us by an anonymous tipster is on a very different level. After failing to properly hang up, a woman sings a sweetly nutty song to, we think, her dog.

We're told the woman is a recruiter, though for what business or industry we don't know. And we're not entirely sure her "beary-babe" is a dog; it could be a cat, a stuffed animal, a child, or perhaps even an actual bear. Here's a transcript of what you're missing if you don't listen to the full call above (which has, of course, been edited to protect everyone involved):

Oh, cutie that you are, because you're so precious.
Come here!
Come here, my little monkey!
My little bear, oh, will you stop it? You're just crazy.
I love my little beary-kins. You can stay here!
You're in demand, my little boo-boo.
You're in demand, my little beary-babe.
You're in demand, my little bear-bear.
You're so sweet, my little carebear.
My little carebear.
[kissing noises]
I love my little beary-boy.
He's a baby!
He's a baby boy.
[kissing noises]

Now, be honest, pet owners: You've sung to your little beary-kins, too. (I tend to serenade my dog with a polka about how Harper Hound is the Best Beagle Around.) The speed with which this recruiter goes from all business to foofy-foofy-goo-goo is incredible, but really she's no different from you and me. Who among us doesn't love our little beary-boys?

Image by Jim Cooke, Photo Credit: Shutterstock