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Recruiter Forgets To Hang Up, Leaves Adorable Voicemail

It goes without saying that we're fond of bizarre voicemails around here, but this one provided to us by an anonymous tipster is on a very different level. After failing to properly hang up, a woman sings a sweetly nutty song to, we think, her dog.


We're told the woman is a recruiter, though for what business or industry we don't know. And we're not entirely sure her "beary-babe" is a dog; it could be a cat, a stuffed animal, a child, or perhaps even an actual bear. Here's a transcript of what you're missing if you don't listen to the full call above (which has, of course, been edited to protect everyone involved):

Oh, cutie that you are, because you're so precious.
Come here!
Come here, my little monkey!
My little bear, oh, will you stop it? You're just crazy.
I love my little beary-kins. You can stay here!
You're in demand, my little boo-boo.
You're in demand, my little beary-babe.
You're in demand, my little bear-bear.
You're so sweet, my little carebear.
My little carebear.
[kissing noises]
I love my little beary-boy.
He's a baby!
He's a baby boy.
[kissing noises]

Now, be honest, pet owners: You've sung to your little beary-kins, too. (I tend to serenade my dog with a polka about how Harper Hound is the Best Beagle Around.) The speed with which this recruiter goes from all business to foofy-foofy-goo-goo is incredible, but really she's no different from you and me. Who among us doesn't love our little beary-boys?

Image by Jim Cooke, Photo Credit: Shutterstock