It's Sunday. Here's an undated video of Evgeni Malkin getting a lap dance.

(Turn down your volume; the audio's awful.)

The video really encapsulates the awkwardness of public lap dances, in that Malkin doesn't really know what to do with his hands—besides clap—while the dancer does her thing to a Queen remix. But the Penguins center finally figures out one move near the end: the upward double boob slap.

Here's what we know about the clip. It was uploaded to VK—a Russian social network—on February 18, 2012. The video popped up again in a Tumblr post about a year ago. A couple of days ago, it was mentioned on Twitter, and we eventually saw it in an email. Malkin's wearing a Stanley Cup Champions shirt, so one guess might be that this video took place after the Penguins' championship in 2009. (Of course, he could also wear a Stanley Cup Champions shirt to clubs whenever he feels like it.) If you know anything more, let us know.

H/t to Katie