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Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember that Mike Trout, who has been doing amazing shit on the field for the last four seasons, is still just 23 years old and hasn’t actually been around that long. It’s one of those things that sometimes happens with guys who are so good so early in their career: every great play is an expected one, and perhaps not praised quite as much as it should be.

With that in mind, let’s watch Mike Trout save a win with an incredible, leaping catch in center field.


It feels like a new Bright Young Thing reaches the majors every few weeks, bringing with him an opportunity to geek out about the future. Try to remember that Mike Trout is just a few months older than Kris Bryant, and that by the end of this season he’s probably going to have more career WAR than a lot of very good players who have been in the league much longer than he has.

Photo via AP

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