Report: Bruce Miller Was Kicked Out Of Restaurant For Sandwich Fight

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San Francisco 49ers fullback Bruce Miller got booted from a restaurant for an argument over a sandwich hours before he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a 70-year-old man and his son at a San Francisco hotel, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Eddie Martin, the manager of Tommy’s Joynt, said that at around midnight, Miller showed up and tried to take someone else’s sandwich. From the report:

Miller stared at the buffet line for about 20 minutes, then approached the queue and started arguing with guests over a sandwich, Martin said. No one was hurt, and staff quickly escorted Miller out.

“I believe he wanted their sandwiches,” said Martin, who guessed Miller wanted their popular brisket sandwich. “The guests were great. They were very calm and amused by the situation.”


Miller was arrested for aggravated assault, elder abuse, threats, and battery a few hours later. The 49ers released Miller later that day.

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