Report: D.C. Mayor Is Saying "Redskins" Again In Attempt To Woo The Team

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Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser has been on record stating that she believes the Washington Redskins should change their name. Lately, however, she’s gone back to saying “Redskins” while talking about the team in public, and it might be because she’s trying to curry favor with team owner Dan Snyder.

Bowser is currently trying to convince the Skins, who play their games in Landover, Md., to return to D.C. While talking about her attempts to woo the team at a recent press conference, she used the word “Redskins” a few times, and was then called out on it by a reporter (via the Washington Post):

Reporter: Why do you think the name should be changed?

Bowser: It’s offensive to many people.

Reporter: Then why do you continue to use it?

Bowser: I don’t.

Reporter: You just did.

Bowser: I may have slipped and used it.

But according to NBC Washington’s Mark Segraves, the real reason for the word’s sudden return to Bowser’s vocabulary isn’t so innocent:


Segraves’s sources include “a senior Bowser administration official.”

What’s sad is that this kind of ego-stroking is probably exactly the kind of thing that would help convince Dan Snyder to move his team. What’s even sadder is that Bowser is doing this for nothing more than a shot at setting her constituents up to be dicked out of hundreds of millions of dollars in the usual stadium scam.