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Report: Prosecutors Have More Victims Ready To Come Forward If Jerry Sandusky Is Acquitted

Another day, another round of potential allegations of child sex abuse against Jerry Sandusky. Last night, NBC's Rock Center aired a report in which 30-year-old Travis Weaver said Sandusky began abusing him when he was 10, and that the molestation even took place during a trip to California for Penn State's Rose Bowl appearance in 1995.

Weaver, who moved to Ohio to live with his mother when he was 14 to get away from Sandusky, is not one of the 10 victims whose allegations are part of the current trial. He's also filed a civil suit against Sandusky, Penn State, and The Second Mile. But it's at the end of the 12-minute Rock Center segment that reporter Kate Snow drops this bombshell:

"He is now part of a second group of guys who came forward later, who did testify—he testified before a grand jury, prosecutors have his testimony, he's willing to testify in court. They're holding that group in case they need them, in case they get a not guilty verdict out of this current jury. They could potentially go after federal charges against Jerry Sandusky."



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