Report: Ryan Lochte Suspended Ten Months Over Rio Gas Station Fiasco

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Ryan Lochte has been suspended for ten months by the IOC and USA Swimming, per a report from TMZ Sports. This means that Lochte’s suspension for pissing all over a gas station then lying about it to Matt Lauer will be almost twice as long as Michael Phelps got for a pair of DUIs.

Lochte will probably miss the 2017 World Championships, which is a potentially big deal since he’s 32 years old and on the wane. He says he wants to swim in Tokyo, and this suspension means he’ll likely still be eligible.

In case you forgot about the dumb saga—which only escalated because Lochte ignored a briefing from the State Department and immediately walked across the street to lie to NBC cameras—here is the closest account of what happened that fateful night.