Report: The Kings Are Going To Try A 4-On-5 Defensive Scheme

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Adrian Wojnarowski has a lot more of the gory details behind the sudden and oddly timed firing of Sacramento Kings head coach Mike Malone, but one in particular has caught our attention. According to Woj, the Kings' new interim head coach, Ty Corbin, is ready to bust out some version of that crazy 4-on-5 defensive scheme that owner Vivek Ranadivé was pitching before the season.

From the report:

How Karl would deal with Ranadive will be fascinating, too. The owner played the part of a fantasy league owner, treating the Kings like a science experiment. He shared tactical experiences with Malone about coaching his child's youth team, and pressed him to consider playing four-on-five defense, leaking out a defender for cherry-picking baskets. Some semblance of that strategy is expected to be employed with Corbin now, a source told Yahoo Sports.


Yessssssss. It's unlikely that Corbin will actually leave one guy standing under the basket while the other four play a makeshift zone defense—what will likely happen is that one wing player will be designated to sprint back on offense as soon as a shot goes up—but no matter the details, this is some crazy shit that will be fun to watch. Will the Kings fluster opponents and go on a winning streak in which they score 146 points per game? Will they get the shit kicked out of them and set a new record for points allowed? I don't know, but either outcome would be delightful.