Requiem For A Playoff Series

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The LeBron James/Gilbert Arenas playoff series came to an end last night, one game too soon. A series that captivating should have gone seven. NBA commissioner David Stern should make them play it anyway, just for kicks.

If LeBron and Damon Jones are done making love, that is. No doubt here about who's on top in this relationship. By the way, did Damon Jones bother to run down to the other end of the court after he hit that shot?


Anyway... where to start with last night's game? So many highlights. Of course, there's Damon Jones' game winner from the corner. An assistant coach was assigned to actually brush the dust off of Damon Jones, who had been used about as often as a razor at Pau Gasol's house. He comes in completely cold and sticks a game-winner. Admirable. Of course, he's pretty much exclusively a three-point shooter, he was brought in for one reason only, and he was left completely unguarded.


And Gilbert Arenas... well, he's probably not enjoying his day today. I'd imagine he's behaving a lot like Mikey in Swingers, the morning after Sue pulled out his gat and then called Mikey a little whiny bitch. An 82% free throw shooter steps to the line in a situation with the season on the line, and he misses both. Ouchie. And not only that, LeBron James, in the post game press conference, gleefully tells the world about how he trash-talked him between free throws and got in his head.


I hope the Wizards can improve in the off-season, perhaps giving LeBron vs. Gilbert a chance to develop into a long-running feud. We'd all be better off for it.

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