RG3 Is Making Everyone Insane

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Let's begin with the full quote. You already know that RG3 allegedly threw his teammates under the bus after the Skins got their asses handed to them by the Bucs at home on Sunday, but you probably only read this part of the quote…

"It takes 11 men. It doesn't take one guy, and that's proven. If you want to look at the good teams in this league and the great quarterbacks, the Peytons and the Aaron Rodgers, those guys don't play well if their guys don't play well. They don't."

All right. Sounds pretty catty, right? Peyton Manning and Aaron Rodgers are good, and RG3 is playing like absolute shit, even though he has a reasonably decent group of skill position players. He's a fucking loon if he thinks he's on that level and is failing simply due to lack of support. But the cattiness is lessened a bit by what came next …

"We need everybody. I need every one of those guys in that locker room, and I know they're looking at me saying the same thing."


People in D.C. have been bitching for a while about what they perceive as RG3's inability to hold himself accountable for playing terribly—and indeed, he played terribly on Sunday—so the first half of that quote serves as proof of his lack of self-awareness, as long as you ignore the fact that RG3 also indicted himself right after that. All you need is the first half of that quote to jump on the SHUT THE FUCK UP RG3 train, which now also includes Skins coach Jay Gruden.

"Robert needs to understand he needs to worry about himself No. 1 and not everybody else. It's my job to worry about everybody else. Yes, everybody else needs to improve, but it's not his place. His place is to talk about himself and he knows that."


Then RG3 took to Facebook (No, Robert, noooooo!!!) to defend himself against "anyone" who potentially took him out of context, which then prompted Mike Florio to write a post about how RG3 was throwing his coach under the bus for throwing HIM under the bus for throwing his teammates under the bus. This is how football works in DC: Everyone ends up under the bus.

And now everyone is going in on RG3. Steve Young is going in. ("I've talked to his previous coaches, people I really trust and admire, that know quarterbacks. He doesn't put the time in.") A radio station listener who won a contest to write for the local CBS station (this is something that happened) is going in. ("You are failing in all aspects of the quarterback position: physically, mentally, socially and morally."). Fucking Pat White is going in!

I can see how Pat White knows a lot about humility, because he was bad. Everyone is going in. It's almost as if they seized this exact moment to finally let RG3 have it, like he's an in-law they've been waiting to tell off for years.


I'm not here to defend RG3. As of right now, RG3 is a lousy quarterback who is somehow even lousier at Twitter. He's a brandbot and a phony and only Peyton Manning gets to be a brandbot and a phony because he's pretty good. RG3 is currently on Vince Young's career trajectory, and he has surely played a hand in that.

What's amazing about RG3's current plight is that people take his failings so PERSONALLY. He said one dopey thing in a presser and the resulting backlash wave could flood the Eastern Seaboard. There are a few reasons for this: 1) RG3 is kind of annoying; 2) Washington fans are completely insane people who are genetically incapable of talking about anything other than such historical topics as "Which Chip Lohmiller field goal was most clutch?" and the like; 3) Washington fans are triply insane regarding RG3 because the team traded everything for him and the fate of the franchise rides on Subway guy; and 4) Racism. When Kirk Cousins flamed out in DC, I didn't see anyone complaining about him not "getting it." There's always something more personal attached to RG3. He can't just suck.


In a way, RG3 is the perfect 21st-century media case study. This entire shitstorm of a week was, again, generated by that partial quote alone. That was all it took, because RG3 is the kind of guy who is oblivious enough to take the media bait, and just then keep on talking, blissfully unaware that he's handing everyone a shiny new knife to stab him with. And of course, he's now getting crushed for feeding the distraction mill. He's getting more shit for that than for playing football poorly! He clearly does not "get it." Will he ever "get it"? Where can the Skins find a QB who "gets it"? He needs to shut up. He needs to grow up. He needs be humble. He needs to bring home a girl of fair virtue.


It's insane. We're so beyond the playing football with this, which is that standard way a Dan Snyder team collapses at the end of fall. This is the end of RG3 in Washington. For the sake of all parties involved, he needs to be mercifully cut loose, to spend the rest of his career limping around in Tampa or Houston, away from THIS town, where the nutjob fanbase is a perfect mismatch for his specific personality. That is how RG3's career flames out, with him in a padded cell, yelling out hashtags to himself, and DC desperately searching for a new QB to run out on a rail.

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