After a brief, self-imposed Twitter timeout following the release of an independent probe that named him ringleader of a Dolphins' "pattern of harassment," Richie Incognito made a triumphant, rambling return with a late-night monologue.

Relatively contrite this time (in contrast to his immediate reaction to the release of Ted Wells's report, when he questioned both the substance and independence of the findings), Incognito sounds exactly like someone trying to get a job. Consider this, from Sunday, which refers to his representatives and agent Joe Panos:

Compare that with last night:

Whereas he earlier had to be torn away from Twitter by his reps mid-meltdown (here he gives a shout-out to his PR firm, Sitrick and Company), this is apparently a kinder, gentler Richie Incognito. It seems that someone explained to him that the contents of the Wells report won't make it impossible for the free agent to land with another team, but will make it more difficult. This is Richie Incognito on his best behavior; let's see how long he can keep it up.