Generally, PornHub PR cosplaying as dataviz is useless and branded, in the way a cheap USB drive or lanyard or Eli Manning might be. This is half decent. Open image in a new tab for the full size.

These are the top videos of 15 categories on the site. I have no idea why Kim Kardashian and Ray J have one tag—interracial—while others get to share tags (celebrity might be helpful there), and I have a very hard time believing that the gay and trans videos are so neatly segregated from the other categories by view count. And how can "amateur" be in like half of these titles but not rate enough to get a category? And—actually, fuck it, this chart sucks. But whatever, it's posted here to pose a question: Why did 128 million of you idiots click on "Japanese censored schoolgirl porn"? It says "censored" right in the damned title!

PornHub sucks.

[PornHub via Sploid]