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Rob Ford appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! tonight, filling three segments in which the crack-smoking Toronto mayor covered such topics as his alleged homophobia, his bizarre and profane caught-on-video rants, and whether or not he needs professional help for alcoholism.

We've edited together some of the highlights above. For the most part Kimmel treats Ford with kid gloves, poking only mild fun at the crack smoker. Ford is mostly reticent when confronted with even mildly controversial topics, and consistently steers the conversation back toward his reelection campaign. We will stand with Jimmy Kimmel when he says he loves Ford; don't we all?


Okay, we all don't. At one point, Kimmel read angry mail from Torontonians:

"This is disgusting." "Having our embarrassment of a mayor on your show is a slap to all Torontonians." "Really disappointed you're giving this abusive exploiter the time of day. I hope you remember that clown you're about to trot out is a very sick, very bad man." "You know about Rob Ford's domestic abuse, drunk driving, racism, homophobia, and inability to tell the truth?"


To which Ford asked:

Is that all i got?


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