Ryan Leaf Comes Off Couch to Mold Young Minds

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Hear that? That's the sound of high school quarterbacks across the United States ripping up their commitment letters to West Texas A & M University(alright, listen really, really closely), after it was announced that former first-round bust Ryan Leaf will be the Division II school's new quarterbacks coach. This is the equivalent of hiring a 12-time DUI offender to serve as a student driving instructor.

Leaf was recommended to West Texas A&M coach Don Carthel by Mike Price, currently the head coach at Texas-El Paso and Leaf's coach at Washington State, where Leaf had a historic season and fooled the San Diego Chargers into thinking he was the next Dan Fouts.

A nice little fluffer quote from Carthel sets Leaf's coaching career in motion—and should serve as the death knell for the college careers of both of West Texas A & M's quarterbacks:

"Ryan brings a great deal of football experience and knowledge to our quarterbacks. We're excited about him further developing our quarterbacks Dalton Bell and Keith Null."


It'll be interesting to see if both Bell and Null develop anything other than breasts under Ryan Leaf's tutelage. Good luck with that.

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