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Ryan Leaf For The Heisman!

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A reader doing a random Web search came across one of our favorite parts of the Web: An Internet time capsule. Still hanging around on the Washington State University servers? The Ryan Leaf For Heisman 1997 Homepage. Even though Leaf was considered a star back then — and we therefore can hardly blame the Cougars' athletic department for being so ebullient — the site is still pretty fun to sift through, in a "this boat can't sink!" type of way.

What's great too is that, apparently, the 1997 WSU staffers got bored just three weeks into the enterprise and stopped updating three weeks in. That was still enough time for a classic quote.

"They (WSU) have a tremendous quarterback. The blitzes didn't phase him. He is huge and is what the NFL guys are looking for. He is big-time." — Boise State Head Coach Houston Nutt, Sept. 27, 1997.


Also statements from Nutt that year:

• "Barry Bonds is too skinny to ever be considered a power hitter."
• "Yeah, Clinton's totally getting impeached, which is fine, because Al Gore will take over, and he's very electable anyway."
• "I don't understand why everyone's so worked up about Islamic extremism."

The Ryan Leaf For Heisman 1997 Homepage []

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