Oh my God, Youppi! What have they done to Youppi!? You would think it's impossible to look so wretched while covered in electric-orange spaghetti fur—and have a name that includes an exclamation point and is literally French for "yippee!"—but then you've never been Youppi! in a Rangers jersey all alone on a merry-go-round.

Youppi!, it turns out, was on the losing end of a bet with Jimmy Fallon. If the Canadiens had won the series against the Rangers, Fallon would have had to do his monologue in a Canadiens jersey. Instead, the Rangers won, and now Youppi! has to go around Montreal in a Rangers jersey.

Youppi! looking like a drunk bum in Old Montreal is pretty devastating if you ask me. The shot in front of Olympic Stadium is similarly heartbreaking. Also, don't sleep on P.K. Subban's Montreal's Twitter avatar. Pretty solid.