Saints Wide Receiver Joe Morgan Doesn't Watch ESPN Because Of Skip Bayless

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Joe Morgan had one of the more memorable touchdowns this week when he sent a Tampa Bay Buccaneers defender flipping over him, collected himself and trotted into the endzone. Unfortunately for Morgan, he was unable to watch his highlight reel catch on the ultimate highlight reel because he is a man of principle.


We know the feeling, Joe. And we have a potential solution that will both allow you to enjoy your highlights and send a message to ESPN. The solution is three-pronged:

  • Continue to publicly boycott ESPN and all its programming and specifically mention the part about it being because "They have guys like Skip Bayless." Spread the word on that part. Only good things can come of it.
  • Continue to make spectacular plays that would be featured in a highlight reel-type production.
  • If you take meds for epilepsy or are otherwise prone to seizure, be sure to take them regularly, come to grips with the GIF-ification of the world and stop by Sunday evenings.

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