Schools Are Putting Out Wonderfully Dorky Snow Day Announcements

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Snow and ice storms have struck much of the eastern half of the country, restricting travel and shutting down schools. What's better than learning you've got a snow day? Learning you've got a snow day from an administrator's Vanilla Ice parody song!

Here's the automated phone message parents and students in Carroll County (Ga.) received yesterday morning:


That's delightful. You know she's been waiting a long, long time to bust out those rhymes.

Here are the head of school and assistant head of school at Durham (N.C.) academy, with a video message released last night telling students to stay home today. The winter gear is a nice touch:

And here's an administrator from White Knoll elementary school in Lexington, South Carolina. An "A" for effort! (Ignore the mis-typed January date in the video's graphics, it's from yesterday.)

This one's 10 days old, but at least it's not "Ice Ice Baby." It's Stephens (Ky.) elementary school administrators recording their "Bohemian Rhapsody"-inspired snow day message.

Updates: Here's DeKalb County, Ala.:


Unembeddable, but here's Green County, Ky.

Here's Maureen Joy Charter School in Durham, N.C.:


Minford, Ohio:

Flippin, Ark.:

See any more out there today? Give us a holler.