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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Portugal's Pepe Gets Red Card For This Ridiculously Stupid Headbutt

Goddammit, Pepe.

Pepe is a scumbag of the highest order. The center back is a scumbag for his club, Real Madrid, and he's a scumbag for Portugal, no matter what, even at the World Cup. As a scumbag, he does scumbag things, all the time, no matter what, and this particular scumbag thing—a soft headbutt on German forward Thomas Müller in the 37th minute when Portugal were already down 2-0—got him kicked out of the match mid-mollywhopping, and now Germany are going to beat Pepe's team by like 17.


The video is above, and the GIF is below. It disgusts me to talk about it further, though I'd be remiss if I didn't address how Pepe's scumbaggery has gifted the United States men's national team a clear path to the knockout stage. Pepe will miss Portugal's next match, Sunday against these blessed United States of America. Though Pepe is a scumbag, he's a decent, physical defender, and with him out, Jozy Altidore et al. should have an easier go of it against Portugal. If USMNT can pull out three points against Ghana today, they might be able to do the nigh-impossible, and escape the Group of Death.

We salute you, Pepe, for again proving that you are the motherfucking worst.

Illustration for article titled Portugals Pepe Gets Red Card For This Ridiculously Stupid Headbutt

Video via ESPN

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