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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Shannon Sharpe Actually Makes Sense Talking About Bill Belichick's Refusal To Do Post-Game Interview

Following his team's loss at home to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship, Bill Belichick declined an on-field post-game interview with CBS's Steve Tasker. It was a childish move, but not necessarily a surprising one. On the the CBS post-game show in studio, Shannon Sharpe actually had some sensible commentary on Belichick's behavior.

It should be noted that Belichick did in fact mumble his way through a post-game press conference, so he did not totally blow off the entire media. Just the one organization that loves the Patriots the most.

Update (10:44 p.m.): Come for the Bill Belichick schadenfreude, stay for the Bill Cowher tin of Skoal on the desk during the shot.

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