Shirtless Goober Roams Israel Profanely Challenging Pros, Because Ball Is Life

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Something amazing happened during an Israeli television station’s interview with former NBA star Nate Robinson, who now plays for Hapoel Tel Aviv. Right in the middle of the interview, a very fit, shirtless man rolled up on his bike and challenged Robinson to a game of one-on-one:

But the story does not end there. It turns out this dude, named Raz Nisim Cohen, briefly played for a second-division team in the Israeli league, and has made a habit of profanely challenging pro basketball players in his country to one-on-one contests. The Times of Israel unearthed this clip of Cohen calling out Hapoel Jerusalem’s Donta Smith:

But I prefer this one, which features Cohen arriving at a basketball court via scooter and executing some very dumb drills before issuing his challenge to Smith. It’s like the basketball version of the Kenny Powers Is Coming Back Fucking Soon video:

I know you’re probably thinking, “Okay, these videos are very funny, but does Cohen have a 27-minute highlight reel featuring slow-motion crossovers against opponents who may very well be jobbers?” He does, my friends. He does:

Here, watch him smoke a bunch of clowns to Blur’s “Song 2":

Forget playing Nate Robinson one-on-one. Make this man the Knicks’ new shooting guard, and then put him in the basketball Hall of Fame.

Update: @ybspero points us toward another video, in which our man Raz comes for Steph Curry: