After reading this, and a seven-year-old Bengals fan's letter to the injured Kevin Huber, I'm starting to think nobody appreciates sports quite like a small child.

The photo comes from reader Rain, who says his six-year-old son has been making these before every Niners game. This one's for the Seahawks game from a couple weeks back. It says:

"Seahawks, a sea serpent is watching the game. If you win, it will eat the fans and eat you. A virus will come into your throat and give you the flu. You'll probably need a flu shot at Fred Meyer. No Seahawks beyond this point."

(Fred Meyer is a chain in the Pacific Northwest, so it sounds like this kid is standing up for his team in enemy territory.)


We know your kid has written something like this. (I used to write poems about my favorite athletes. I was a sensitive soul.) Dig it up and send it to us, because sports fandom generally goes downhill after hitting drinking age.