The 76ers are undergoing a full rebranding, soon to include the revealing of new uniforms. Which is a shame, because they’ve got some of the NBA’s best jerseys. But it’s understandable, because if The Great Tanking Of 2013-20?? goes according to plan, no franchise will be in greater need of an identity break with its past.

Today, the new logos were released:

They’re fine, I guess. I actually do really like the “partial” logo, which is simple and a throwback not only to the team’s inaugural logo, but also to the Betsy Ross flag. I’m less enamored with Fierce Ben Franklin, and not just because there is debate over whether he was a lefty.

For context, here’s the evolution of the Sixers’ primary logo:


The new uniforms will be unveiled on June 18, and at the very least, we know they’ll retain the current color scheme. Which means it’ll probably be tough to screw up too badly, because some of the best uniforms across sports (Cubs, Rangers, Bills) happen to be red, white, and blue. I swear it’s not jingoism; it just looks damn good in motion.