How do you turn Art Modell into a sympathetic figure? You don an Ed Reed Ravens jersey (to fool people who might find a dude in a Browns jersey visiting Art Modell's grave suspicious, natch), hold your pee for a while, get yourself a catheter, and then dramatically reveal your hidden Lyle Alzado jersey while explaining to the rolling camera exactly why you are about to surreptitiously piss on Art Modell's grave.

Browns fans have been known to do some gross stuff with their bodily fluids, but this video, uploaded to YouTube last week (but not embeddable), takes it to another level. This guy not only pisses on Modell's grave, he throws his words back in his face. "As far as pissin' on your grave, I had no choice," he growls (not unlike the manager of the fictional Cleveland Indians in Major League) before chastising the folks who would tell him to get over it: "fuck you, you let it go."


We then get a closeup shot of his tattoo of Brownie the Elf before rolling credits at the end.