So Where Did All The Viewers Come From?

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OK, a question has been nagging us for a few days, and we honestly have no idea how to answer it. Namely: Why were the Super Bowl ratings so freaking high this year?

Obviously, the Super Bowl always garners outstanding ratings. But the ratings this year were extraordinary, the best in 10 years and bringing in the most viewers since the finale of "M*A*S*H."

Does anybody else find that strange? We know the Steelers have a lot of fans, and we know the Seahawks were the first West Coast team in three years ... but didn't everybody spend the two weeks leading up to the game talking about how much of a buzzkill this Super Bowl was supposed to be? No Colts, no Patriots, no huge names, no non-Bettis storylines ... this was supposed to be the Super Bowl nobody cared about. And it's not like the game was inherently thrilling; we'll say that if someone had never seen a football game in their life, that wasn't the first one we'd choose to show them.


So why? What was it that inspired so many more non-football fans to tune in this time? What was so marketable?

We're not asking because we have a strong theory. We're asking because we honestly don't know. We're eager to hear your theories in the comments.


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