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Soccer Player Catches Idiot On The Field With A Flying Kick To The Face

Most sports fans already know that storming the field of play in anger is A) tacky; B) stupid; and C) dangerous. One particular Honduran fan, unconcerned with those realities, took the pitch wearing what looks like a Santa hat and was dealt a swift, acrobatic kick to the face by a player.

The Idiot on the Field above was not alone. Many a Marathón fan stormed the field following their team’s aggregate loss to local rivals Real España this weekend, seeking out players on both teams for a bit of the old ultraviolence. Here’s more footage from the mayhem:

While the fan with the boot marks on his cheek appears to have gotten off relatively easily, not all in attendance could say the same. As police cleared off the pitch, the chaos moved outside the stadium. One Real fan was chased, beaten, hit with rocks, and ultimately shot to death. Another spectator was also admitted to the hospital with a gunshot wound.



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