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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Soccer Player Shoved Into Concrete Wall, Suffers Serious Head Injury

According to reports, Emanuel Ortega of Argentine club San Martín is currently hospitalized with a severe head injury stemming from the mid-match event you see above. While he and a Juventud Unida player chased after a ball heading out of bounds, the Juventud player gave him a push, causing him to lose his balance and slam into the nearby wall.


The only update we can find is this statement from San Martín’s coach Cristian Ferlauto after the game:

“He has head trauma and blood is of concern. The ambulance acted quickly. They moved him, he underwent a scan and is now being monitored. He is conscious but somewhat asleep,” the coach said to TyCSports.

Regarding the play that ended with the injury Ortega, he considered that “there was no intent” by pushing the rival: “They played a ball near the line, grabbed him badly and ended up in this.”

“The wall is one meter from the touchline. It’s crazy, there is no protection. The security measures are made thinking about people in the highest stands so they don’t throw stones, and these things got overlooked. It is a disgrace,” Ferlauto concluded.



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