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Sociopathic Angels Blogger Posts Now-Deleted Rant About Josh Hamilton [Updates]

There are a lot of really bad blog posts on the internet. Most days, it’s a good idea for everyone to just ignore the bad blog posts, because at root they are all just derivatives of the same style of incurious, inflammatory writing. But sometimes there is a blog so bad that it cannot be ignored, like the one that was recently posted on—and then deleted from—Halos Heaven, SB Nation’s Angels blog.

The post is about Josh Hamilton, and it was written by a crazy person:


Hooooooly shit! This guy really wrote fan fiction about Josh Hamilton’s apparently inevitable, grisly death, and then ended his blog post with “happy snorting.”

The post went live on Halos Heaven last night, but was taken down at some point within the last hour or so. It’s not clear whose decision it was to take it down, but we’ve reached out to SB Nation for comment.

Update: Here’s explanation for the post being deleted, from SB Nation’s Kevin Lockland:

The piece on Halo’s Heaven was removed because it crossed the boundaries of our community guidelines and standards.


Update: The guy who wrote this blog post was fired by SB Nation, and posted a crazy goodbye rant on Halo’s Heaven, which was deleted shortly after publication. Here’s what he wrote:


[Backs away slowly]

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