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There’s no one quite like Steph Curry in the NBA, and it follows, we’ve argued, that when you look closely at the thing, there’s nothing quite like Steph Curry’s stat line, either. If you needed another example, reddit turned one up.


The below is a bubble chart that progresses through the season. The y-axis is 3-point percent, x-axis is 3-point makes, bubble size is 3-point attempts. We pick up in mid-December, and Steph is in the middle of the pack when he makes his break. Look at the little bastard run, hurdling Wes Matthews’s corpse, pacing Klay for a few weeks until he breaks again, beating the rest of the field by three lengths, taking the home stretch like a tremendous machine.

Anyway, Steph is dope. And if you’re wondering about the late-season wrecking job, this is his second year running doing that shit:



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