So, um, here's Steph Curry tossing a 55-foot alley-oop to Andre Iguodala.

A few things: Curry starts releasing it from just outside the opposing three point line. And as impressive as the Wade-to-LeBron 92-footer from a few seasons ago was, that was Wade at a standstill quarterbacking the ball down the court to LeBron, who ran under it like a deep pattern and laid it in. This was Steph on the break, floating essentially a 60-foot runner into Iguodala's hands in midair for the dunk. Matter of preference, but give me Steph basically turning an alley-oop into the longet range jumper over the Heat and their confounding way of making spectacular plays seem like paperwork someone forced them to do.

Oh, and here was poor Michael Carter-Williams trying to process what was happening: