Stephen A. Smith Calls Letterman "Jay"

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We missed this, but several readers have emailed us to let us know about it. We didn't see it, but we have no reason to think you'd lie to us.

Apparently, our man Stephen A. Smith made his second appearance on "Late Show With David Letterman" earlier Tuesday. This is strange enough, considering his show "Quite Frankly" is a timeslot competitor to Letterman. But no matter. Here's what went down:

He called Dave "Jay." I believe the direct quote was "I have a beef with you, Jay." He quickly corrected himself to Dave and tried to keep going as if he didn't do it, but the crowd (and Dave) had already reacted, then Paul interjected and called him on it, saying something that was on its surface innocuous but really was "fuck you for calling Dave 'Jay.'" I wonder if this clip has made its way to the web, or if nobody was watching because everybody changed the channel out of habit when Stephen A. appeared.


We haven't seen this clip anywhere ... yet. But our jaws dropped when we read this. You thought we disliked Stephen A. now? Calling Dave "Jay?" Ooooh ... aw, we oughta ...

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