Stephen A. Smith: "This Damn Phil Jackson Is Still In New York City!"

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For anyone masochistic enough to still care about the Knicks, this weekend felt a lot like rock bottom. President Phil Jackson spent Friday afternoon publicly alienating his star player Carmelo Anthony. He also stated that no Knicks player—including Kristaps Porzingis—was off the bargaining table, questioned the value of three-pointers, and seemingly tried to justify the Joakim Noah contract by citing Noah’s youth (he’ll be 35 at the end of this deal). Hours later, Porzingis, just as frustrated and pissed off as the rest of us, reportedly skipped his exit meeting with Jackson.

Stephen A. Smith, native New Yorker and Melo’s champion, is feeling like every other Knicks fan today. He took his frustration towards “this damn Phil Jackson” and channeled it into a few minutes of transcendent sports screaming. It takes real effort to work yourself into this kind of lather.

SAS Phil Jackson

We stand with Stephen A. Smith.