In the end, after a season when three different guys appeared to have the lead at times, it wasn’t even close. Steph Curry, formally announced as NBA MVP this morning after the news leaked last night, was the man on more than three-quarters of ballots.

Here are the vote totals, via

Player / Team1st2nd3rd4th5thTOTAL
Stephen Curry, Golden State100263—11,198
James Harden, Houston2587134—936
LeBron James, Cleveland512623212552
Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City—5334129352
Anthony Davis, New Orleans——93553203
Chris Paul, L.A. Clippers——101529124
LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland———136
Marc Gasol, Memphis———1—3
Blake Griffin, L.A. Clippers———1—3
Tim Duncan, San Antonio————11
Kawhi Leonard, San Antonio————11
Klay Thompson, Golden State————11

The full ballots can be found here, but there are two obvious anomalies. The first is James Harden being left off of one ballot altogether. According to the writer who cast that ballot, the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Chris Haynes, that was an honest mistake. Haynes said he intended to list Harden third.

The second is Curry receiving a fifth-place vote, which is pretty unconscionable. Blame MSG Network’s Mike Crispino, who submitted a ballot listing, in order, Harden, Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Marc Gasol, and Curry. It was Gasol’s only vote.