Suit: Arizona Coach Sent Dick Pic To Player's Mom

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Sean LeBeauf is currently an assistant coach for the University of Arizona women's basketball program, a job he took in May 2013 after leaving his post as the director of athletics and head coach of the women's basketball team at Paris Junior College. According to a complaint filed by one of his former PJC players, he is also a massive creep.

On December 13, Ebonee Tate filed a complaint alleging that LeBeauf sexually harassed her multiple times while she was a basketball player at PJC, and then intimidated her and threatened to revoke her scholarship when she rebuffed his sexual advances. Tate claims that the harassment started in December of 2011, when LeBeauf blew a kiss at her from across the gym. By March of 2012, he was allegedly sending her pervy text messages:

"Love u Ebonee"
"U need to lose 10 lbs... U need to lose weight... Ur sexy at 164, but u would be even sexier at 155"
"I want u to dress up for me"


According to the complaint, Tate went to the school's president, Pam Anglin, to tell her about LeBeauf's advances. She was allegedly told to let it go:

Dr. Anglin assured Tate that Coach LeBeauf was not a threat and, as in her own experience, sometimes men will flirt and harass you in the "real world" and that Tate should learn to deal with it. Dr. Anglin later admitted that complaints like this against Coach LeBeauf had happened many times before and she was willing to do whatever was necessary to "make this go away."


Following that meeting, Tate claims that LeBeauf threatened to take away her scholarship and refused to allow the school to pay for injuries she suffered during a basketball game. Tate eventually lost her scholarship and had to drop out of school.

Oh, there's also this:

It was common knowledge that Coach LeBeauf had been known to regularly engage in inappropriate sexual contact with the players on PJC's women's basketball team, both past and present. In 2011, another basketball player admitted to her teammates that Coach LeBeauf sent her similarly suggestive text messages and kissed her after luring her into his office one evening. Another teammate left the team in 2011 after Coach LeBeauf became inappropriate with her and even sent her mother a picture of his genitals. At least one player admitted to having a sexual affair with Coach LeBeauf in 2010.


The full complaint is below:

LeBeauf complaint


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