Super Bowl Roundup: @&##(%ing Refs!

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• We'd heard so many complaints from Seahawks fans about the refereeing in the game last night that we were starting to think it was something only they were screaming about. Our buddies at Slate immediately destroyed that notion. And we agree: The Hasselbeck tackle penalty call was definitely the worst one.
• We agree, Jerome: We're kind of done watching you too. Never before have two weeks changed our opinion on a player so much, and we're not even sure it's his fault.
• How lame is the NFL? They censored the Rolling Stones. The good news, though, is that the band stayed embalmed.
• Hey, look, they've already started a petition about the refereeing. We could actually see this growing into a pseudo-movement, culminating in a grand gesture that won't actually make a difference, like hiring the refs full-time or something.
• It wasn't Ben Roethlisberger's best game, but we're now more convinced than every that, as one commenter pointed out, he looks exactly like a bearded Jim from "The Office."
• They kind of tossed the Gatorade on Cowher's head somewhat early, didn't they?
• All who might feel so inclined to do so could point out that we picked against the Steelers in every single game this postseason. So, you're welcome.
• There seems to be a general sense of dissatisfaction with not just the game, but the whole NFL season. We're can't agree; any season that gave us Clinton Portis, Chad Johnson, drunken Kyle Orton and Ben Roethlisberger, thousands of Brokeback Chesnning jokes, and so much more ... jeez, we can't complain. Unfortunately, now it's that creepy time of the year when grown men with stopwatches and clipboards look at 21-year-olds in their underwear for weeks at a time. We'll miss the actual games.