Super Bowl XL Blogdome

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What they're saying on the blogs, the day after. "The euphoria has yet to sink in, but as I drive the three hours back home tomorrow, I'm sure it'll hit me. It was definitely one of the toughest games this season to watch, but our defense did enough to allow our offense to rebound from its many mistakes."
The 12th Man: The 12th Man gets downright poetic, ending with: "More coming tomorrow ... maybe. I don't know."
Seahawks.Net "The 'Official' Story: In which Pittsburgh wins a Super Bowl they were obviously, patently, supposed to win, and the Seahawks play the role of innocent bystanders..."
Heels, Sox and Steelers. "Willie. Hines. Ike. Beer. More tomorrow. Go nuts." Seahawks Blog. "I have to wonder how much play (the refs are) going to get in the national media. Or will we be watching the Bettis 'fairy tale story' for the next few days?"
News Seahawks Blog. "This loss falls on the offense. Turning 396 yards into one touchdown isn't going to get it done."
Ben Roethlisberger — Official Blog. No new posts from Ben, of course. But as one might imagine, his fans are going nuts in the comments section (newest posts listed from the bottom).