Super Bowl XL Live Blog: Third Quarter

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We don't want to overstate this, but Seahawks fans are not happy with the officiating so far.

From message boards:

"A congressional investigation, the FBI ... I don't really care. Somebody's gotta stop this blatantly corrupt officiating. These f@&&ets are obviously fixin the game." — Netveteran

"Anyone notice all the segemnts with players and the trophy so far after 1 half 3 steelers talk about winning it, no seahawks. Odd with the officiating and the one sided segments maybe it really is fixed." — Leiser

"I bet if we could look closely we would see the penalty flags are actually terrible towel." — Inkdaub


The third quarter live blog begins after the jump.

0:00: As we sneak into the fourth quarter, the Seahawks are seriously driving, the Steelers look tired and we might have ourselves a pretty badass finish. And you know what? We're drinking like a champion.


2:56: The Steelers are picking an incredibly unusual time to forget they're a running team. Honestly, other than the beginning of this half, the Seahawks have kind of been in control of this game. Unlike us, who is not even in control of the remote: Someone just went to check as see if the Puppy Bowl is still on.

4:37: Hey, why aren't any of the players' moving? Bad time for broadcast television lockjaw. The good news, we think it gave Bettis time to catch his breath. Speaking of which, this is the best exchange in Super Bowl broadcast history:

Madden: "What do you even need to take a guy's pants off to check? Do you even check a hamstring that way?"
Michaels: "Without a 20 second delay I would not even want to hazzard a guess."


6:10: Meanwhile, Steelers fans are eating their own. From ESPN's Steelers Forum:

Cowher is a complete idiot, why not go up by 14 and kickoff? — Str8_Money

6:20: We love Seahawks fans. From the message board:

m, — Firebee

Our sentiments exactly. And now it's three and out. And we're in crazy town now. Even the cat's watching the game.


6:43: And hey, Jerramy Stevens is apparently not as completely terrified as we thought; it's Steelers 14, Seahawks 10, out of absolutely nowhere. You remember that guy who had a heart attack during Bettis' fumble against the Colts? He just had two more.


7:18: And hey, look at that: It's a game again. Thank God. It was also fun to see Big Ben actually, you know, blocked on one of those turnovers. But yeah. Here we go.


7:53: Hell hath no fury like a Bill Cowher desperately sprinting down the sideline. It might have been funny if someone had pulled a Woody Hayes there.

That pregnant dinosaur from the Hummer ad looks exactly like Jerome Bettis. Good foresight on their part.


9:35: At this point, we're just begging Jerome Bettis not to score a touchdown. We don't think we can take it.

11:45: OK, this was awesome. The Budweiser Clydesdale ad went up, and half the room was screaming about "those fucking horses" and the other half was near tears. We're not telling you which side we were on.


11:45: Hasselbeck misses a third-down fade route. Josh Brown, who clearly is 12 years old, misses a field goal, and we have a sinking feeling something big could happen that could make this over very quickly.

Our self-esteem, however, is very high.

12:37: Jerramy Stevens drops an easy one. He was clearly still wetting himself from Joey Porter. Joey Porter! Joey Porter!


14:10: Before that Parker touchdown, was saying the Seahawks had the "upper hand. Whoops.

14:26: Holy crap. Willie Parker busts out like crazy — and the way the Steelers play, that might get him the MVP — and makes it Steelers 14, Seahawks 3. Remember when he was the big out-of-nowhere fantasy guy at the beginning of the year? Nice five months stretch for that fella.


15:00: We all know the best line, don't we? "We could have done this song at Super Bowl I, but good things come to those who wait." Tell us about it.