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OK, this is pretty much the last day of calm before the entire Super Bowl shitstorm blows up, so here's your last chance to catch your breath.

Sometime tonight, our intrepid A.J. Daulerio will land in the greater Detroit area; expect the first of countless missives (OK, fine: You'll probably be able to actually count them) to arrive tomorrow. He might even have himself a little video action. Plus, we have a sneaking suspicion he's going to give Jimmy Kimmel a wedgie.

To keep yourself entertained until then, we suggest OutSports' Gay Guide To The Super Bowl (complete with extensive glossary of Homoerotic Football Terms), you can check out the city of Detroit desperately doing some last-minute tidying up or you can read Chuck Klosterman's blog at Page 2. (You can tell it's an ESPN "blog" because, well, there are no links. Whoever heard of links from a blog?)

Anyway, let the madness begin.

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