Jack White is currently on tour with his band The Raconteurs and their show on Saturday was in our nation’s capital. As he is wont to do, White went over to Nationals Park with his bandmates to catch the early portion of Brewers-Nats, but had to leave as the time for his concert approached. The show wrapped up and White noticed that for some reason the baseball gods had willed this game to go deep into the night. Seeing no reason to miss out on the hot National League action, the band returned to their seats to catch the extra-innings spectacle.

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This was all reported by Ken Rosenthal when the camera panned to the Raconteurs frontman in the 14th.


White has garnered a reputation on this site for being a bit of a sourpuss whenever he’s caught on camera at a baseball game, so it was nice of him to switch things up a bit and smile for once.

The specifics on how White and his group were able to return to the stadium are unclear. The park’s information guide states that reentry is only permitted in the case of an emergency, but I imagine those kinds of regulations just apply to regular people and go right out the window when you can say, “I’m Jack White.” (Another sign of his fortune working in his favor is the fact that he didn’t have to worry about missing out on the end of this extra-innings duel to catch the final Metro of the evening, as most Nats fans are forced to do, but I digress.) Even if his return was not necessarily approved by the right people, he didn’t have to stay much longer as the Brewers ended up winning 15-14 later that inning.


If this trend of marathon matchups continues for White on every applicable stop on his tour, the next game that will offer free baseball will be Marlins-Braves in Atlanta on Wednesday. Thrilling.


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